Composite Pipe

KiTEC Pipe for Radiant Heating System

The basic advantage of radiant heating system over conventional heating system is better temperature distribution leading to 30% saving in energy. Forced air systems distribute heat unevenly with hot air rising to the ceiling. This creates a "Warm Head – Cold Feet" sensation which is not what the body likes.

Warm floors allow you to heat the extremities – feet, legs – and provide you with greater personal comfort at a reduced room temperature.

The same room with forced air heating may require air to be heated as much as 20o-30o hotter in order to provide the same level of overall warmth to your body.

KiTEC piping is being exclusively used for floor radiant heating system for following properties:

  • Flexibility
  • Ease in installation
  • Low expansion and contraction
  • High impact strength
  • Malleable
  • 100% impermeable to oxygen
  • High thermal strength
  • virtually maintenance free
  • Joints which can withstand temperature changes as well as pressure changes

Normally 1216 and 1620 KiTEC pipes are used. Loop length is a function of room size, manifold location and supply/return temperature differential. The maximum recommended length of continuous tubing from a supply and return manifold arrangement should be as follows:

Nominal Size
Inch NB (mm)
Average ID of
Pipe Inch (mm)
Average OD of
pipe Inch (mm)
Max. Loop Length
feet (meters)
½ (12) 0.47 (12) 0.63 (16) 330(100)
5/8 (16) 0.63 (16) 0.79(20) 400(122)
¾(20) 0.79(20) 0.98(25) 430(131)
1(25) 0.98(25) 1.26(32) 500(152)