Salient Features

Salient Features - Physical Properties


The unique feature of KiTEC is it’s malleability. KiTEC is easily formed into curves, sets by hand and only requires bending springs when forming tight bends down to radius equivalent to 5 times the diameter of pipe. Unlike plastic plumbing pipes, KiTEC permanently holds whatever shape it is formed into and does not need additional clips or brackets to retain the shape of bends or curves.

KiTEC piping systems don’t corrode

Will never pit or develop pin holes from aggressive water leading to premature failure.

No scale build up to reduce flow

Soluble encrustants, such as calcium carbonate do not readily precipitate onto the smooth walls of KiTEC pipes. In addition there are no reduction in flow areas and flow coefficients as the pipes age.

Flame/Smoke Rating

KiTEC pipe has a Flame Spread of 5 and a Smoke Development of 5 as per ULC-S102.2. The ratings meet most building code requirements allowing for the use of KiTEC in high-rise construction as well as in return air plenums and vertical shafts.


KiTEC’s aluminum core acts as a permeation barrier against entry of contaminants, and limits oxygen permeation to virtually zero. Permeation is the molecular transport of chemicals, from the soil surrounding the pipe, through the pipe wall and into the fluid being carried within. Permeation may have adverse effects on the piping system, the conveyed fluid or both. KiTEC is widely used for the transmission and distribution of potable water providing a second line of defense for the plumbing system.

UV Resistance and opacity

KiTEC pipes do not have any effect of UV radiation when laid exposed. There is no light transmission.